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Ultimate Owner Benefits

Win Win for Homeowners

Maintain control of your vacation home property AND earn income and reduce expenses with Inspired Getaway.  We call that a Win Win!
  • Decrease, or even eliminate, the costs of your additional home
  • Generate rental income
  • Earn tax deductions
  • Pay down the cost of your retirement home
  • Continuing maintenance of your home

Ultimate Owner Control

Once you join the Inspired Getaway family of properties, we will create an account and send you a link to access your Owner Dashboard where you can:
  • Access your complete listed properties
  • Book your own property for yourself or other friends and family
  • View your bookings (as it is shown publicly)
  • View the status of the booking (confirmed, checked-in, etc.) and how it was booked (owner, through website, house booking, external booking such as through Airbnb, etc.)
  • View the calendar of availability and
  • View detailed rental statements that include net owner income disbursements to you, gross owner revenue, management fees and other charges for whatever period of time you choose to run your reports

The Guest Experience

How we treat our Owners is important but equally important is how we treat our Guests.  Happy guests mean happy owners.  We work diligently to improve the guest experience. Click below for more information about the Inspired Getaway Guest Experience.

Individualized Marketing

As a boutique short term vacation rental company, we provide customized marketing for our homeowners. Our property owner manager maintains the quality and condition of each property and acts as both the homeowner and the guests point of contact. Inspired Getaway has partnered with a local marketing firm to provide specific, individualized marketing for each property.

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