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Ask a local who’s been a renter in Asheville, or is currently, they will explain their frustration about how difficult it is to find a space to rent here in the mountains. The demand for renting a single-family home in Asheville has skyrocketed in the last decade, making our area one of the more difficult and expensive locations to rent. While there are many factors contributing to this, Inspired Getaway has solutions.

Finding the right property to rent in Asheville doesn’t have to be such a struggle. At Inspired Getaway, we are able to offer lovely living spaces for you to lay your head at night and feel secure whether you’re staying for work or leisure. Our property management company not only provides short-term vacation rentals, but we also offer long-term as well for those who need and can stay for an extended amount of time. Let’s take a closer look at the type of person we match our rentals to and why.

Location, Location, Location

Many travel employees want to live as the locals do. This means enjoying an outdoor adventure right out your door, sipping beer at one of the multitudes of breweries and great restaurants, or booking a sunset yoga hike with Asheville Wellness Tours. Many times, the locals access annual passes to Biltmore Estate grounds and other historical sites. While these places mainly appeal to tourists, many locals like booking tours with LaZoom Comedy Bus, Flying Bike Electric Bike Tours, and many other fun, local activities. Being surrounded by the majestic beauty of the blue ridge mountains has always been a place attractive to travelers, especially for escaping for self-care, curiosity, or now, a work position.

Digital Nomad Stays

Digital Nomads are referred to as people who can work from anywhere they land whether nearby or far away thanks to internet capabilities. With more and more employees choosing to become independent contractors, living in more desirable areas is now a reality for many. Tech companies and others alike allow employees to work from home or anywhere in the world, independent from an office space, and Asheville is at the top of those destination lists. Long term rentals hosted by Inspired Getaway appeal to digital nomads because many of our properties are close to the Blue Ridge Parkway, downtown Asheville, and outdoor adventure or social outings. 

Travel Nurse Stays 

The same goes for travel nursing. Nursing is another industry that gives workers the freedom to travel, if they choose, to various hospitals & cities for defined amounts of time. These positions pay well and often align with someone’s yearning to move around and city-hop. Inspired Getaway’s long term rentals are appealing to travel nurses for a few reasons:

  1. We offer 3 – 12 month stays allowing nurses to leave the area on schedule then, if they choose to return, Inspired Getaway can provide an easier transition into a rental if they come back to work here again.
  2. Our rentals are in close proximity to the area hospitals — and everything else you will need to feel right at home in Asheville.
  3. Inspired Getaway will work with you as best we can to accommodate your stay, and even give you our insider tips for how to become more familiar with Asheville and the surrounding towns. 

Inspired Deals for Winter Stays

Inspired Getaway believes in supporting its community and understands that finding a long-term rental in the colder seasons can seem unattainable. This year, we have a few rentals offering great winter deals for renters. Here they are by location:

Winter Deals on Vacation Rentals Offering Long Term Stays

Flat Rock, NC

All are offering reduced monthly rent, the price includes all utilities and is good from now through March 31st.

  1. Baby’s Corner – Monthly decreased winter rate of $999/mo at Mill House Lodge
  2. Johnny’s Bungalow – Monthly decreased winter rate of $999/mo at Mill House Lodge

Our Inspired Getaway team is ready to help you move into your next living space, whether long-term or short. We do our best to accommodate all our guests and renters in any situation. Consider our amazing Winter deals lasting through April 30, 2023.

Contact us today to inquire about your next long-term rental.