It’s not Biltmore Estate, Breweries or BBQ

If you wanna know what has made Asheville famous, literally putting this mountain jewel on the #1 list of almost every travel list, it has nothing to do with the Biltmore Estate or the grand Grove Park Inn.

And, no, it’s not the great food events like the recent Chow Chow multi-day, culinary extravaganza with appearances from famous chefs like Jose Andres and Asheville’s own Katie Button.

And, no, it’s not all the craft breweries or BBQ joints like Buxton Hall or even the great golfing, cycling, hiking, and rafting. And, no, it’s not even the unique experiences like salt caves and public saunas or axe throwing. You’re still wrong if you think it’s our area’s dedication to honeybees and butterflies or the very real possibility that you will see bears… and elk…. and even white squirrels.

HINT: 🍂 It’s natural and in season NOW!

What attracts EVERYONE to Asheville are the leaves. Yep. Leaves. These ain’t your normal leaves. These are a vibrant display of fall leaves showing every color in the Fall spectrum and when you see them displayed on nature’s backdrop… well, wow, just WOW. It makes people slow down at speeds so slow you wonder what’s wrong. It’s the one thing that will make you, your kids and even your dog and stare out of their windows and into the blue yonder.

Combine that with cooler temperatures, light breezes, that Fall fading sunset glow, hot cider, pumpkin spice and corn mazes and you’ll understand what has really made Asheville famous. For us locals, we’re just lucky to live here. It’s free and all around us and available for anyone to enjoy!

Here is a video showing just what we’re talking about. This video is from 2012 and lucky for us, this happens every year!

We’re so crazy about our fall leaf season that we even have predictions and maps. Here is this year’s map:

TIP: How to enjoy Asheville’s Leaf Season:

So, come and “check-in” to the mountains, drive and enjoy one of the most spectacular natural events in our area – it’s free to enjoy! Here’s our recommendations:

  1. Book your stay at any of of our properties – click here to view properties. But be quick because they’re already going fast!
  2. Bring a picnic basket and your bestie (even the four footed kind)
  3. Take a drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway and pick your favorite place to chillax
  4. Then, sit back and enjoy the beautiful display ~
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