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Summer in Asheville, NC can bring you closer to nature or delight you with new city activities. Whichever direction you choose to go, you’ll find things to do. But to avoid the commonplace tourist destinations and the overhyped activities, your best bet is to try one — or more — of these 10 unique-to-Asheville tours. Pick the ones that resonate with your interests for a delightful experience.

10 Tours for Your Summer in Asheville

LaZoom Comedy Tours

If you don’t know where to begin, try an entertaining tour to get a feel for the landscape. LaZoom not only provides a fun ride around Asheville’s distinctive locations but also includes live comedy. It’s like a theatre on four wheels and comes highly recommended.

Asheville Wellness Tours

Unplug, unwind, and reconnect with your own, custom mini-retreat in Asheville, NC. Choose a-la-carte from a menu of options like Private Chef Services, Tarot Readings, Mountaintop Yoga Hikes, Forest Bathing Walks, Private Yoga Sessions, Winery Tours, and more or work with their complimentary concierge service to create your ideal wellness retreat.

Asheville Detours

Whether you want a one-of-a-kind bachelorette party or a scavenger hunt with your friends or family, choose Asheville Detours. Explore the city while participating in fun activities. These tours take you off the beaten path. They also make authentic Asheville gift boxes available.

Asheville Wine Tours 

Western North Carolina is wine country. These tours take you inside the world of wineries, but the best part may be the beautiful countryside surrounding most destinations. Choose three or four of the area’s 13 wineries.

Asheville Brews Cruise 

This cruise cut to the chase of one of Asheville’s major industries: beer production. These cruises are entertaining and educational, allowing you to sample a variety of beers while enlightening you on the history, work and passion behind each sip.

Asheville by Foot

Offers guided walking tours of the city. The specialists who lead these tours know Asheville’s history and architecture better than anyone. These one-of-a-kind tours inform and delight you as you learn about the rich art, culture and history of the city and region.

Asheville Hiking Tours

These walking tours lead you to see stunning waterfalls and get you closer to wildlife while also introducing you to edible plants. Visit a world of wildflowers and exotic trees. Learn and experience nature as never before.

Asheville Rooftop Bar Tours

These tours offer a bird’s eye view of the city. Go on a magnificent tour of Asheville’s best rooftop pubs, which not only show off some gorgeous views but also offer local brews and carefully crafted cocktails.

Eating Asheville Food Tours

A delicious way to explore Asheville is these tours for foodies. The city features 3 unique food tours and many eateries with over 500 reviews on TripAdvisor and a 5-star rating. Choose a culinary experience that suits your tastes. These tours reveal fascinating historical facts as well.

Asheville Art Experience

Asheville has a history as an artist haven. These tours take you to different sites and give you a personalized map so you can choose what you want to see. Visit directly with artists and even spend time making your own art in painting, clay, glasswork and woodworking.


Springtime in Asheville bursts forth with more than vibrant flowers and fresh leaves. Lots of unforgettable experiences await you around the city, leading you to fun times that entice you to return.

Inspired Getaway makes your spring visit to Asheville unforgettable by partnering with our city’s top experience-based businesses. When you stay at a vacation rental that uses Inspired Getaway, the best of Asheville is available to you.

What Does Asheville Picnic Company Offer?

Asheville Picnic Company delivers woven baskets filled with local delights to your vacation rental or one of Asheville’s most beautiful, including:

Order Asheville Picnic Company for your favorite outing.

Asheville Picnic Company offers traditional or luxury picnic baskets to suit your tastes. These baskets come with everything you need for a picnic in Asheville.

What’s the Most Efficient Way to See Asheville?

Asheville has so much to see. The most efficient way to get to it all is on the seat of an electric bicycle from the Flying Bike Electric Bike Tours.  Their all-ages tour stops at Asheville’s noteworthy points of interest, including:

Book your Flying Bike Tour!

The Flying Bike Tour is a great group activity. You ride a Pedego Boomerang Plus e-bike, which is comfortable and easy to use. You can choose the level of electric assistance to get a workout or to relax.

How Can I Best Enjoy the Adult Beverages of Asheville?

Asheville Wine Tours lets you experience North Carolina’s best vineyards and wineries in luxurious comfort. The wine regions you visit with Asheville Wine Tours include:

Van in Black and Asheville Wine Tours will transport you around in style and comfort.

For something stronger, indulge in a Cultivated Cocktails + H&H Distillery Experience. You can taste locally crafted spirits at Cultivated Cocktail’s cozy downtown Asheville location. To learn more about the making of H&H spirits, join them for a tour of the distillery.

Cultivated Cocktails Experiences. Book today a taste of Asheville in a glass.

Can I Have A Wellness-Forward Experience In Asheville?

If you want to experience relaxation and self-care on your visit, Asheville Wellness Tours is your one-stop shop. You can tour everything a wellness-minded visitor needs, including:

So many great experiences with Asheville Wellness Tours!

Asheville Wellness Tours connects you with nature, yourself, and others. All of Inspired Getaway’s seasonal business partnerships do the same to enhance your stay in Asheville. Contact us today to ensure your visit to Asheville is the best it can be.

Tick Tock Concierge Services

Asheville is a world of culture, cuisine and entertainment, just waiting for you. Whether you’re visiting for business, sightseeing or scouting the area to move here, having a local concierge on your side ensures that you make the most of your time in the arts capital of The Blue Ridge Mountains.

Kara Candler and her team at Tick Tock Concierge are your Asheville local guides. They understand how the city functions and where all the secret spots are located. Seeing Asheville is an adventure that can leave you with long-lasting memories.

How Does Tick Tock Concierge Enhance My Visit?

Visiting a new place is stimulating, but possibly overwhelming. Add to that running errands or coming up with a schedule, and you may miss the wonder of discovering a new town. Tick Tocks give you the freedom to focus on your visit’s purpose and connecting Asheville visitors to a range of activities, including:

Biltmore Estate. Tick Tock arranges for a top-rated experience at America’s largest private home with 8,000 acres of beauty and history.
Downtown Asheville. Anyone can stumble around downtown, but Tick Tock knows where to hear homegrown music and see the quirky side of this little metropolis. They can also direct you to the best restaurants in town and the best boutiques and art shops.

Breweries. Sample the best local craft brews in the friendliest locales in town. The Tick Tock team are locals whose insights save you time and effort. The concierge service provided by Tick Tock gives you a trusted partner who takes care of the mundane tasks during your stay.

How Does a Concierge Service Save Me Time?

Weeding through visitor’s guides, online reviews, and travel blogs to figure out all the things to do and places to see in a new city takes hours. And you can’t always trust what you read. When you hire Tick Tock, all you have to do is tell your concierge about your interests, and they take care of the rest. Your concierge provides you with insider advice, including:

What Services Does Tick Tock Provide Me?

Tick Tock does everything you need to have a seamless trip, from arrival to departure.  Services are billed at an hourly rate and include:

Contact Inspired Getaway  to arrange your concierge during your stay in Asheville.

The new owner of Inspired Getaway is proud to welcome you to the expanded and updated website introducing you to the latest on all you’ve come to appreciate from your Western North Carolina vacation rental home service. Owners and guests alike have enjoyed the enhancements brought on by Carolyn Black, property manager for Inspired Getaway for three years prior to purchasing the business.

Improved Guest Benefits

As guests of the premier Asheville-area booking and concierge vacation rental company, you’ll see more benefits, including:

Improved Owner Benefits

As owners of a property under Inspired Getaway property managers, in Cedar Cliff Village or elsewhere, you also reap benefits under the new owner, including:

What’s the Best Way to Visit Asheville and Feel the Most Comfortable?

With an abundance of hotels scattered throughout the Asheville and Hendersonville areas, and more in the pipeline, owners of rental properties find the landscape more competitive than ever. Guests have more options from which to choose, making it difficult to capture their attention even for a beautifully managed and cared-for home while visiting the mountains of Western North Carolina.

So it’s more important than ever that you stand out from the crowd of national hotel chains, bed-and-breakfasts and Airbnb rooms. Investing in a property management team like Inspired Getaway truly is the ultimate win-win for both guests and owners for a number of reasons, including:

Visit the site, contact the team and return often to see what’s new and exciting in Western North Carolina and the world of vacation rentals in Asheville.